Hungarian Ambassador Revisit to Siam University

The Hungarian Embassy has maintained a very strong relationship with Siam University, and this inter connectivity had likewise extended to other Embassies. This is the second visitation from the Hungarian Embassy this year by Ambassador H.E. Dr. Peter Jakab. During the course of his visit to Siam University, he patrolled around the University vicinity in […]

Incoming Freshmen took the English Placement Test

The timing of this year’s English placement test was no different from the previous ones as the prospective students all partook in this test on the 17th of June, 2015. The level of organization and transparency shown during this year’s placement test that had lasted for more than two hours depicted the determination of the […]

China-ASEAN International Conference

As the South-East Asian integration approaches, conferences and seminars are held to foster ideas on the positive changes the anticipated ASEAN will bring to the allied nations. It is believed that the ASEAN integration will impact and impart in several sectors including Education, Economical, Cultural, and Sociological sectors of the corresponding countries. In the disposition […]

Welcoming the new students and parents “School of Pharmacy”

The New students and their parents were all smiles as they were warmly welcomed in a “chit chat” session organized by the school of pharmacy on the 17th of June, 2015. This interactive forum was meant for parents, their newly admitted wards and the faculty members, which was at this time, presided over by the […]