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Incoming Freshmen took the English Placement Test


The timing of this year’s English placement test was no different from the previous ones as the prospective students all partook in this test on the 17th of June, 2015. The level of organization and transparency shown during this year’s placement test that had lasted for more than two hours depicted the determination of the University administration to uphold hard work, merit and transparency in their academic system.

This is one of the requisite criteria that students must meet prior to full induction into Siam University. This criterion had stipulated that potential new students in other to qualify for full admission into Siam University must pass the English placement test. Placement test has always been the method of assessing the English proficiency/capability of fresh new students prior to their entry studies in Siam University. Thus, this habit is as old as the university itself.

Siam University administration attaches importance to this exercise. In this regard, they had reiterated that the process of scaling through all student pro-induction tests successfully through merit and hard work will continue to remain a principle for the university, as well as a criterion for selecting prospective students for enrolment in Siam University.

For the University, conducting placement test for the new students is important for a number of outlined reasons below.

  • Firstly, this exercise was conducted for new students as part of the requirements of higher institutions as given by Thai ministry of education. To meet this requirement, students were expected to pass this test.
  • Prospective students were also expected to re-adjust to the level and academic pattern of Siam University. In view of this, the University administration is committed to giving its students the edge as to compete with their peers both locally and international. English Placement test will therefore aid to prepare and dispose them for tough academic exercise in the classroom geared towards this purpose.
  • Besides, English language is the most popular language in the global community. Given the barrage of demands of English proficiency in external relations, it is intended that prospective students would have realized the importance of passing English language placement test conducted by the University.
  • English Placement test is a very important exercise for the University, who uses such as a medium to pick out the best students for enrolment. Through this process, the University maintains the already built credibility and reputation in its educational system.

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