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Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities at Siam University International College! We’re not just talking about another boring degree, we’re talking a golden ticket to an unforgettable international experience that’ll set you apart from the crowd.

Imagine a vibrant, diverse community of students from over 40 countries around the globe, all coming together to share their unique perspectives and experiences. It’s like having a front-row seat to a cultural extravaganza, where you’ll gain insights and knowledge that’ll become invaluable assets in your future career.

But that’s not all! Our professors will guide you through an exciting blend of classroom and project learning experiences. You’ll collaborate on mind-blowing peer-to-peer projects, pushing boundaries and gaining a competitive edge that’ll open many possibilities.

And when you finally emerge from this whirlwind of global and cultural awesomeness? You’ll be armed with the kind of skills and connections that you need to break into the international job market. Goodbye, limitations – hello, world of endless opportunities!

Take a look at our international programs and find the perfect path to unlocking your freedom for the future. The adventure of a lifetime awaits at Siam University International College!

International College

International Business Administration Program

Ready to take on the business world? Siam University’s International Bachelor of Business Administration (IBBA) program is your ticket to the big leagues. This is not a standard business degree – our program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and savvy you will need to thrive in today’s global business landscape.
International Bachelors in Business Administration

Think of it as a four-year crash course in becoming a business rockstar. We’ll cover everything from the fundamentals of finance and marketing to the latest trends and strategies shaking up the industry. And don’t worry—we’ll keep things interesting—no snooze-fests allowed!

Why settle for just any old business degree? Our IBBA program is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in Science & Innovation of Thailand, which means you’re getting a top-notch degree that’s recognized worldwide. Plus, with our finger on the pulse of the market, we’ve tailored our curriculum to meet the demands of today’s global business community.

Not sure what your dream career looks like yet? No sweat! Our program is the perfect playground for exploring all the exciting possibilities the business world offers. From entrepreneurship to corporate leadership, we’ll give you a taste of everything and help you find your passion.

Join the IBBA crew at Siam University and prepare to journey into the business world!

International Information Technology Program

Think about your future with Siam University’s Information Technology program, your key to a world of endless possibilities. We’re talking about the kind of skills that will have companies lining up and offering jobs that are as rewarding as they are lucrative.

For real, in today’s digital age, every organization needs tech-savvy professionals who can make their systems run like a well-oiled machine. With an Information Technology degree from Siam University, you’ll become a master at applying, integrating, administering, and even creating cutting-edge computing technologies. From ensuring applications run smoothly to optimizing efficiency, you’ll have the power to make things happen.

International Information Technology Program

We’re not just about cramming your brain with theory – our program is about hands-on experience, too. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty and demonstrate your skills, so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running in this ever-evolving field the moment you graduate.

And let’s not forget about our rockstar professors. These tech gurus will be your guides on this wild ride, sharing their knowledge and expertise every step of the way. They’ll ensure you keep up with the latest trends and stay ahead of the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Information Technology crew at Siam University and get ready to become a digital expert! The future is yours to take.

International Civil Engineering Program

Want to build the future? Siam University’s Civil Engineering program combines creativity, teamwork, and an eye for detail to shape the world around us. We’re not just talking about your average desk job – this hands-on adventure will turn you into a real-life problem-solving superhero.
International Civil Engineering Program

Imagine being part of the crew that tackles some of our planet’s biggest challenges, from sustainable energy solutions to smart urban planning and efficient transportation systems. With our practical learning approach, you’ll gain the confidence and skills to take on these epic quests head-on, crafting long-lasting solutions to make a real impact.

But that’s just the beginning! With a Civil Engineering degree from Siam University, you’ll have the keys to unlock doors around the globe. Whether you want to be a private consultant, join a construction firm, or work for the government, the job market is wide open and waiting for your unique talents.

And let’s not forget about all the exciting study tracks you can explore. From Structural Engineering to Water Resource Engineering, you’ll have the freedom to blaze your own trail and discover your true passion. It’s like having a buffet of opportunities laid out before you, ready to be devoured!

Don’t forget to ask about our unified program, which allows you to earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a shorter time from 2 leading universities in Bangkok.

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Graduate School

International Masters in Business Administration (IMBA)

Ready to take your career to new heights? Siam University’s International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) program is your ticket to the big leagues. This globally recognized degree is designed to unlock the diverse skillsets needed to thrive in the fast-paced worlds of business, management, and beyond.

Since 1986, our IMBA program has been a launching pad for thousands of graduates, propelling them into top international businesses, government agencies, and other exciting career paths. But what sets us apart from the rest? It’s all about that hands-on, real-world approach.

International Masters in Business Administration

At Siam University, we don’t just teach you the theory – we challenge you to think independently and prove your mettle through practical, performance-based learning. And the best part? Our flexible schedule means you can keep your full-time job while earning your IMBA, adding even more value to your already impressive repertoire.

But the opportunities don’t stop there! With 5 major focuses, you’ll be free to dive deep into your passion and gain specialized knowledge from our esteemed professors. We’ve got you covered whether you’re interested in finance, marketing, or any other business area.

By the time you graduate, you’ll be a proactive leader with a sound vision for innovation, integrity, and driving positive change in both the public and private sectors. You’ll have the skills to facilitate economic development and sustainability on a global scale, making you a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

Now is the time to take the leap. Join the IMBA community at Siam University and get ready to take your career to new heights. The future is yours to make!

International Masters in Peace Studies & Diplomacy (MAPD)

Is your calling to change the world? Siam University’s Master of Arts Program in Peace Studies and Diplomacy (MAPD) aims to inspire a new generation of leaders passionate about creating a more peaceful, socially harmonious global society.

We’re not just talking about another boring academic program – this is your chance to dive deep into the theoretical approaches, case studies, and practical skills that’ll equip you with the tools to become a true agent of positive change.

What sets the MAPD program apart is our commitment to tackling the big questions that matter most in peace and diplomacy. From conflict resolution to cross-cultural understanding, you’ll gain diverse knowledge and expertise that will make you a formidable presence in these fields.

When you finally emerge from this transformative experience, you’ll be a master of conflict management and peaceful negotiation, with the visionary leadership skills to build bridges between communities, cultures, and nations.

Masters of Peace and Diplomacy at International day of Peace

The possibilities are endless for MAPD graduates. Whether you’re driven to work in a foreign ministry, embassy, human rights organization, or international NGO, you’ll have the network and expertise to make a real impact. You could even become an immigration pro or organizational conflict management guru!

To challenge the norms and create change, take that first step towards a career of boundless opportunities by pursuing your MAPD degree at Siam University. The world needs more peacemakers like you, and we’re here to help you answer the call.

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