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Student Projects at Siam University


On the 2nd of June 2015 Siam University played host to an event tagged “Student Projects”. This event paraded a total of 31 Universities from the lower central provinces of Thailand, who participated actively in this project. Each of the 31 universities sent student representatives for this project.

However, the core subject of this project is about quality assurance. Each project is expected to address how quality assurance initiatives could benefit the human society. Quality assurance is a group who are committed in the setting and implementation of educational policies.

This project was conducted in line with the recommendations of quality assurance group in order to encourage academic competition in the higher institutions. Student representatives from various universities were well-adapted to the spirit of this occasion as they showcased their projects in a fun-filled competitive mood, in a bid to clinch the ultimate price.

Ten projects were presented on this day and each presentation lasted for 20 minutes. Three Universities bagged prestigious awards and certificates for this project competition. The first price (10,000 baht) was won by Mahawithayalai technology prajomglao thonburi. While the second price (5,000 baht) was won by St. Theresa International College. The third price (2500 baht) went to Kasetsart University.

The awarding cash of various scales was meant to encourage hard work, craftiness and productivity in the students. Moreover, it also encourages competitiveness amongst various universities. The exercise also provides platform for the quality assurance group to access and determine the average academic performance of the universities.

However, the student project proved to be a successful event as students and attendees were more enlightened after the event.

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