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Siam University Cultural Ceremony on 11th August 2015 in Campus


The cultural ceremony was carried out on the 11th of August 2015. It is the commencement of the Mother’s Day, which will be on 12th August. Siam University President Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit led the procession of candle lit together with some certain university staff to the decorated tabernacle, designed with jasmine flowers and purple laces to pay respect and show unconditional love to every mother in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Siam University solely carries these traditional ceremonies in the university to show its high respect for her heritage. It is a drive to remind both the foreign and local students of the essence of tradition in one’s life, and, also, to exhibit the zealous feeling of cultural tolerance into the institution. Some students actively participated in the cultural dance, reciting and chanting Buddhist prayers in courtesy of praying for mothers in Thailand and the entire world.

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