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New Student Orientation by School of Medicine


On the 2nd of June 2015, Siam University organized an Orientation course for the new intakes organized by the School of Medicine, Siam University. This Orientation program is in line with the principles of the Medical faculty of Siam University. The purpose of this orientation is to explore faculty of medicine and the expectations the University usually provides for students. This orientation, as highlighted during the program, will assist the new intakes to acclimatize school environment, the medical faculty and its activities.

The highlight of this occasion was the President’s speech to the new students. He welcomed and congratulated the new students, for choosing to study medicine in Siam University. He therefore urged them to develop hunger for learning from the quality lecturers available in the faculty. He expressed his satisfaction for the professors and the lecturers in the faculty of medicine, whom he said had demonstrated tenacity, dexterity and professionalism in their jobs. The President also said that admission into the medical department of Siam University was based on merit.

Some of the Lecturers in the department delivered speeches as a way to motivate the new students in new learning techniques. Organizing this orientation program for new students was particularly important, because it brings the new students together in a first-hand learning and social experience, before embarking on the rigor of their various classroom works. During this forum, new students were made to understand the demographics associated with their chosen course of study and about the faculty in general.

The President, the Lecturers, the older students as well as the new students all attended this event. However, secluded orientation programs, will in the future be organized for the new intakes, so as to fully ground them on the nitty-gritties of the medical course.

The event was concluded by group photograph of the President with the members of the faculty, staffs and students.

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