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Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba visited Siam University


Meeting with ambassador from Cuba                                               February 27, 2015

The Cuban Ambassador on his visit to SIAM, tells us about Cuban culture and its heritage; its’ relationship with other nations; the impacts of its economy to the world and its similarities; and the economic freedom of Cuba and its recovering after more than 50 years of sanctions.

The Cuban ambassador has maintained a robust and quite an effective relationship with SIAM, even bringing closer the embassy to the University. A casual afternoon with the Cuban ambassador turned out to be a vital meeting as he explains the development of Cuba after recovering from sanctions.

The Ambassador centered on several factors that led Cuba stood as a sovereign nation. These factors are known to be:-

  • The management of its natural resources;
  • The freedom of its nation;
  • The battle against corruption;
  • The reestablishment of its history after the independence and;
  • The reunion of its citizens;

The Ambassador believed that these factors are the economic prosperity of the nation, and also that if Cuban hadn’t carried out these factors effectively she wouldn’t have been where it is now, as to where it was in the last 50 years.

Cuba’s rank in the Human Development Index Countries, leapfrogged to the top of the table over the past few years due to its constant developments. In other words, the nation reaps the seed of its hard work and togetherness.

The Cuban ambassador confidently stated that: “The Cuba itself feeds her citizens, provides healthcare, provides financial aids, and offers free education to any average person in Cuba and a reasonable amount of provision kept in stall”.

Therefore, the Ambassador urged the teachers and students who were present for the meeting to do best in whatever they do and the same applies to the entire world.


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