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Water Conservation Campaign


If we can manage the resources available to us on earth, we can claim to have a better life. Nothing good comes without an iota of hard work. But, the process in establishing a sustainable development in a society is one that requires togetherness and teamwork. It also requires patience and dedication. SIAM takes part in several water conservation programs.

Taking part in water conservation, SIAM believes to achieve several goals, in order to produce a distinctive result toward a sustainable development.

  1. To conserve enough fresh water for plantation growth and the creation of croplands.
  2. To reduce the costs of water supplies for water users
  3. To improve water supplies and maintain the water system cycle
  4. To converse enough waters against future drainage and lack of water
  5. To expand the capacity of water storage for industries that has great propensities in consuming waters.
  6. To prevent excessive watersheds across communities
  7. To prevent future droughts, soil erosion and drainage problems
  8. To inflict the sense of responsibility for everyone to partake in water conversation

The aforementioned goals are used to create a sustainable environment. SIAM takes part in this activity and urges the collaboration of other organizations to partake in water conservation programs for a sustainable development.

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