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Upcoming Academic Collaborations


Academic collaboration amongst different universities is one of the ways a university can be attributed highly. Exchange of knowledge and enterprise in the academic sector adds to the understanding of different perspective in one contest. And, this is why SIAM had conjoined and is willing to conjoin with several accredited universities for the aim of achieving academic excellence – all for the benefit of her students and the society at large.

SIAM President Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, Associate Prof. Dr. Wichien Chutimaskul, Dean of School of IT, Association Prof. Dr. Pacapol Anurit, Dean of International College, Ms Yhing Sawheny, Association Prof. Mohammed Bagher Ghahramani, Vice-President, International and Mr. Mohammad DARABI, First Counselor, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to discuss about upcoming academic collaborations between ‪Siam University and University of Tehran.

These collaborations are believed to serve a better purpose for both universities, and SIAM is overwhelmed with the response from the University of Tehran. The University of Tehran, which is one of the top Universities in Iran aim to bridge and break the shackles of cultural differences in the trail of academic consonance with SIAM. SIAM is over willingly and wholeheartedly opened to let her students experience new cultures in the exchange of knowledge in order to stimulate their capacity of learning and to be internationally exposed.

SIAM hope by through this means her students can register for an exchange semester in Iran and that the Iranian students would likely do the same. ‘Bridging the shackles of cultural differences’ will enable the institution educate the students appropriately. In other words, produce well-hearted and disciplined civilians for the society by enlightening them of other different existing cultures and heritages.

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