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IE Network Conference 2014


The Informed Engagement (IE) Network is an incumbent enterprise that offers business opportunities, develop media contends, and communication platforms with a constructive research. IE Network interacts and deals with several varieties of business initiatives; lift Brands, Build awareness, prompt action, execute composed business ideas, generate measurable results and also supports public engagements. IE Network also provides help in areas of public speaking, audience attention and, reliable and standard media coverage.

The IE Network Conference was organized mainly to bring together big ideas, talented people, and diverse capabilities to engage and share with expertise of different career in order to develop an easy flow communication in work places.

SIAM judiciously captures every useful opportunity that evolves around it. Due to this fact, SIAM sent several staff members to several different training programs and conferences with the purpose to add more knowledge into them. Whenever this kind of programs emerges, SIAM participates massively, and most often organizes and brings closer such organizations into the University for a special Interaction and sharing ideas. It is certain that SIAM does not only engage in this kind of events. Therefore, it participates, organizes, and coordinates numerous events when possible.

SIAM also believes that by training its staff, the environment will offer a faster feedback and quality service in creating a peaceful and a healthier environment for all who witnesses at SIAM.

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