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Happy fun student activity at Siam University


In an institution where students are encouraged and are allowed to showcase their academic works or recreate is a very good environment for studies. Combining activities both in and outside the classrooms can be of help to the students, in other words, it will enable the students to manage the pressure in the outside world.

Siam University is more concerned about the students’ academic welfare and activities, and also study environment. A home atmosphere for the students to study comfortably and intensively is at the best concern for SIAM. This is why SIAM has deployed areas to which students can showcase their works and earn some credits out of it. SIAM has provided students with recreation points, and also encourages students to create activities and establish different clubs for the betterment of their respective future careers. As an institution that encourages a collective work and activity; SIAM believed in training students to practice what they’ve learned in the class and be their own master in their forte careers.

This happy fun student activity is normally carried out every month, mostly by Thai students. In this activity, it involves workshop, souvenir display, art display, cosmetics display with sales tag attached products and many others. Selling of school accessories for reasonable prices for students who may have not gone to the market and through this process it will become easier and affordable for students to purchase.

This activity is sponsored by the university and managed by the students who can share or sell what they have with other students. SIAM also believed that with this activity, students will enjoy and develop working together and be good competitor in their own field.

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