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Turkey National Day 29 Oct. 2014


On the 29th of October 2014, the embassy of turkey in Thailand celebrated its national day. This celebration was held in anniversary of the declaration of republic of Turkey in 1923.

This celebration takes place every year to mark the anniversary of war of independence since 1923 when Turkey was declared a republic. The Turkish High commission in Thailand, who played host to invitees during the occasion in Bangkok, gave a traditional speech to mark this episode.

The statement as delivered by the Turkish High Commission to Thailand stressed that Turkey remains one of the unique allies of Thailand. It also expressed its gratitude to Thai government for its many contributions towards the consulate. It had appreciated the various economic ideals and business initiatives shared between the two countries. It said this cooperation has ever been strong since the consulate was created.

Generally, October 29 was always a great day for the home country. The locals in Turkey would participate in traditional procession with flags and musical bands. There would also be many Turkish dances as people celebrate this day in Turkey.

However, this day presented a special moment for the Turkish consulate to specially appreciate various institutions, government agencies, business organizations and corporate bodies who were making collaborative efforts with the Turkish consulate in promoting cooperation, unity and equality in human relations among other things.

Siam University was invited by Turkish consulate for this anniversary. This was a moment of reunion for Siam University and the Turkish consulate. Siam University during this rare occasion had offered its heartwarming congratulations to republic of turkey. It said that its attendance is a show of appreciation to the ambassador and the entire Turkish consulate for its unwavering support towards the affairs of the University.

Siam University was well represented by its delegates headed by Prof. Fred. J. Miller. However, occasions such as this had served a purpose of strengthening the friendship between Siam University and the Turkish consulate.

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