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ESCAP Executive Secretary’s speech on “Financing for sustainability”


Sustainability, Stability and Progressiveness are the three keys to unlock the shackles that surround societies and also lead to an interminable prosperity. Thus, a society that endeavors to prosper should seek ways to settle the areas to where it lags behind.

Should a society be more concern about its political activities and power shuffles? Or should it be more concern about its economic integration? The speech that was delivered by the EXECUTIVE SECRETARY OF ESCAP which was held at United Nation’s Conference Room Bangkok, Thailand Branch; was to address some disturbing questions in our societies that are yet unanswered. This Speech was intended to provide reliable answers to them and led a better understanding in obtaining a sustainable development in a society. It also introduced different ways of financing for a sustainable development which will bring down the high rate of austerity measures, illiteracy level, power distance, and will equally bring unity, togetherness, peace and growth whether by Political, economic, or technological means so far as a society are willing to adapt to any change that would lead to a long-lasting growth.

Students are seen as the leaders of tomorrow in their respective future careers. They are expected to start taking part in conferences organized by the United Nation (UN) and other International Unionization to learn ways of addressing issues in our diversified and challenging world.

SIAM offers varieties of opportunities for students who show a commitment to their studies, and abide to the rules and regulations that surround their academic life at SIAM. SIAM has selected certain students to attend to the Conference and likewise participate in delivering questions to Professionals and Elites that were present on that day.


Siam University ISMAP forum visited United Nation Bangkok Office.

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