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UI GreenMetric World University Ranking 2017


Siam University Ranks 7th Nationally and 168th Globally in 2017 UI GreenMetric World University Rankings

About UI GreenMetric World University Rankings

UI GreenMetric World University Rankings is an annual publication of university rankings by UI GreenMetric. UI GreenMetric World University Rankings is a program from University of Indonesia that rank universities by their commitment and action towards going green and environmental sustainability and aims to increase awareness in universities towards sustainability.

The program is currently made up of 619 universities across 76 countries.  These members participate in the first and only university ranking in a commitment to develop and maintain an ‘environmentally friendly’ infrastructure.  Measured through 6 indicators, using education, transportation, water, waste, energy and climate change, and setting and infrastructure to be ranked on with a total possible score of 10,000 points.


The UI GreenMetric World Rankings began in 2010 with increasing popularity and influence to become a benchmark for continuous improvements concerning sustainability.  By 2015, the project has shown massive improvements by introducing metrics for carbon footprints and a systematic data collection system.  In 2016, UI GreenMetric started to coordinate with national partners following the implementation of the program into policy.  They have since developed more partnerships and have placed coordinators in many countries to assist with the expansion of this concept.  They currently have 18 offices Asia, Europe, and Australia to start, and will utilize these locations to help coordinate more universities to become involved as well as collaborate with other members so they can share their accomplishments and substantial changes with each other.

Siam University Rank

This year, Siam University has worked diligently to make changes and develop systems to reinforce its commitment to a sustainable campus and university efforts.  All of this hard work and effort has ranked Siam 7th in Thailand and 168th in the world.  The Siam University UI GreenMetric team will continue to create new initiatives and strive to increase the university ranking over the next year.

Congratulations for your hard work and dedication to this initiative!!!

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