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Traditional Ceremony in Campus


Thailand as a Buddhist country, constantly observes its religious rituals in combination with their culture in every sector of the society, starting from the education sector to the government sectors. It is to remind the people that despite the worldly things and challenges attached to the industrialized world, they should also acknowledge the religious ceremonies and keep it sacred. It is constitutionalized in every institution in Thailand will follow these ceremonies. Siam University in it’s broadness and immense participation in academic activities, is ceaselessly driven and constantly engages in religious rituals, and yet fits it in her agenda.

On the 24th of July 2015, Siam University had taken part in what is called the “Triple Gem” in Buddhism, which involves offering of incense, pouring of water and lightening of candles. This is a contemplative gratitude and inspiration, which involves simple exercises such as a lit candle or burning incense and pouring water. In this ritual practice, there was a lightening of candles, pouring of water and offering incense to signify the presence of petitions and well-wishes and also to send the monks back to the temple for the rest of the raining season. It is done to remind the people of the most vital period in the Buddhism religion. This period monks will stay in the temples and are not expected to be seen in the reminiscence of the penances of Lord Buddha. This period monks and Buddhists are expected to live a stoic lifestyle.

Siam University President Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit together with some University staff actively participated in this ceremony. In Buddhist indoctrination, lighting of candles symbolizes wisdom, as Light drives away darkness, thus dispels darkness of ignorance and brings forth wisdom. The President Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit had led in the procession of the lightening of candles in the decorated tabernacle to leisurely indicate its commitments in pursuing wisdom into the institution. In the same ceremony, there were also pouring of water to the decorated steel basins filled with jasmine flowers of which this contemplative process signifies purity, calmness, and clarity. This is to cleanse the mind from attaching to ignorance and purify it with an infinite space of different perspective and also to acquire suitable knowledge for the future of the society. The last session of the ritual ceremony was the offering of incense, which signifies a fragrance of moral conduct and a reminder of good behavior from the people.

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