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The Thai Renal Pharmacist Group 2015 Clinical Meeting


On the 3rd of June, 2015 the “Thai Renal Pharmacist group” had a meeting titled “clinical Meeting: Practical issues for Renal Pharmacists” held at the Grand Ball Room, Narai Hotel Bangkok. Thai Renal Pharmacy group comprises of Thai Pharmacists who gather together from time to time discussing the progress of their organization. Renal pharmacists specialize in treating ailments associated with renal Patients.

Dr. Weerachai Chaijamorn who was the chairman during this meeting, is the current head of Thai Renal Pharmacist group. The meeting concerned all the pharmacists in Thailand, especially those working with the renal pharmacy group. The Proposed outcome of this meeting was to ensure that Thai renal Pharmacists work unconditionally according to the set guidelines and principles of the group. This meeting will further assist their members to stick to the standards of the group in handling renal patients.

Part of the objective of this meeting was to discuss vital issues concerning the functioning of the group. They also want to find out how best to discover through researching the causes of renal diseases and alternative treatments for patients affected by this problem.

The group had said that its organization favors working as a team in order to come up with a reliable research on renal diseases. As part of their function, they engage in educational research, consultations for groups and individuals as well as organizing seminars to raise awareness of this problem to individuals. They also organize precautionary programs for individuals with chronic kidney diseases.

They had, during this meeting re-emphasized their readiness to continue working assiduously alongside other government agencies, so as to achieve its health-desired goals. Its health-desired goals include:

  • To introduce and encourage various research grades of renal failures amongst its members;
  • To give assistance to renal disease patients, in the area of proper medication and drug administration and;
  • To be able to advance the common interest of the group.

However, the importance of Thai Renal Pharmacist can never be overemphasized given the lethal nature of Kidney problems. Their job is tantamount to either prolong lives of many people or abandoning them at the mercy of the life-threatening kidney diseases.

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