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The 3rd Student English Speech Competition by AUAP



3rd Student English Speech Competition (SESC) by AUAP

22 – 25 November 2017




This year, AUAP organized another successful Student English Speech Competition, hosted by Siam University.   The competition this year accompanied by the 1st AUAP-Inter-University Higher Education Exhibition and 2017 Youth Camp.  Contestants joined us at Siam University from universities around the Asia Pacific Region including China, Malaysia, Macao, Philippines, Thailand, Cyprus, Indonesia, Turkey, Taiwan, and India.

The Student English Speech Competition this year centered on topics of the United Nations and over 190 countries around the globe.  Sixty (60) undergraduate university students and ten (10) high school from Thailand students were provided topics to prepare before their arrival to the competition.  University students were given the topic of ‘Cross-Culture Dialogues and Sustainable Development Goals,’ and the high school students were given ‘Greater Involvement of High School Students in the National Development.’  Each contestant worked with their tutors from their home schools to prepare a five (5) minute speech to present to a panel of judges from the Philippines, Thailand, and the USA.  Each of them prepared speeches in hopes to win the top three prizes:

First Place – $1000 USD & a free trip to Iran to visit sights and experience their culture;

Second Place – $800 USD;

Third Place – $600 USD;

Fourth Place – $400 USD

The remaining contestants will receive certifications from the AUAP to express their gratitude for their participation.

On 22 November, following a welcoming message from the President of Siam University at the opening of the event, the contest began.  Students were moved to a waiting room as each contestant entered one-by-one to showcase their talent through a prepared speech.  Throughout the day, students were practicing and rehearsing their speeches in preparation for their opportunity to win their spot in the semi-final round on the 23rd.  Eleven (11) of the sixty (60) students were chosen at the end of the day to take their place in the semi-final round were the topic will be given before the session begins.  The students chosen for the semi-final round were from Malaysia, China, and the Philippines for their talent and content of their prepared speeches.

23 November began with high school participants and their speeches.  These student performed well and the competition was very close.  Following the high school speeches came again with the semi-final round of eleven (11) students.  The topic for this session was ‘Who am I?’  The question seems simple, but it is difficult to answer in a structured and presentable format.  However, the dedication of this participants proved that each one was worthy of their position in the top eleven (11).  The day concluded with a group trip to Wat Kumpang for a triple to the floating market and a culture visit at the temple.

The final day of the Student English Speech Competition was on 24 November and began with a little history about the AUAP Youth Education Programs.  These programs included education, cultural visits and sports that take place in countries across Asia and the Pacific.  The contestants were encouraged to urge their home universities to participate.  Next up was the high school speech competition for the final round, each of the high school students presented their speeches very well and all had a very good command in English.  When they completed the round, the judges left to the board room for deliberation for the high school students final 3.  Upon the judges return, the announcements for the final winners took place:

University Student Winners

  1. Malaysia – $1000
  2. China – $800
  3. Philippines tie – $600  with Malaysia  – $600
  4. Malaysia – $400 Honorary Award

High School Student Winners

  1. Thailand – $1000
  2. Philippines – 800
  3. Philippines – $600

The speech competition was concluded with a 3 day – 2 night trip for all participants to Pattaya where they learned more about Thai Culture, cooking, and spent some time sightseeing before they returned to their homes.

Siam University congratulates all of the winners and contestants for their wonderful showcase of talents.

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