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Grand re-opening of the Thailand Post Office-Siam University branch


The fast rate of globalization had made things really a lot easier. People nowadays are confident in sending and receiving their packages and letters through Thailand post. However, Siam University would be specially benefitting from this as Thailand Post had taken the decision to situate one of its branches in Siam University campus.

Thailand post office is truly one of the fastest channels through which people send and receive their letters and packages. The need to have Post office has increased in the recent times. The need arose because people to people interaction has greatly been enhanced through the globalization.

The University President, Dr. Pornchai Monkhonvanit had on the grand opening of the Thailand post branch in Siam University praised the company for its many services to Thailand in the area of courier services. He expressed his joy for having one of its branches built in the University.

The President has seen this as a welcome development as the University will stand to benefit more from its services. He therefore pledged that the University would be ready to partner and work in tandem with their company in other to enable the branch achieve its objective in the University.

For him, the fact that the University has a Thailand post branch would be advantageous to university’s smooth running and business dealings within Thailand.

Siam University will have easy access to post and receive packages easily within Thailand. Siam University stands to benefit in the proximity of Thailand post considering the fact that it has so many local connections. So its accessibility makes it easier to send letters and packages to a preferred destination without undue stress and transportation costs.

In other to achieve more efficiency, Thailand post branches had been built all over Thailand to consolidate its service to the people. Its services have also been made affordable to the public who are now presently relishing the services of the post office.

It is also good to note that in the rural areas of Thailand, Thailand post has been able to establish its linking branches which make it easier for every locality in Thailand to access its services. However, it had remained committed to fast delivery of letters and packages.


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