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Teacher Appreciation day 2015 Celebration in Campus


Thai culture profoundly reserves and fosters a deep respect for educators in every sector of the society, more especially in the education sector. It is a brilliant way to start the academic year. The ceremony is formal and it is a common ritual in the traditional Thai educational system.

Teachers’ Day is a special day for the appreciation of Teachers in Thailand. In every institution of Thailand, both lower and higher celebrates this day in its fullness. Teachers are honored by the students for their tireless efforts, special contributions, services and dedication in teaching and assisting them in their academic life.

Teaching career is one of the most precious careers on earth. It is a profession that allows certain outstanding individuals with a vast academic excellence to spread knowledge with their academic prowess. Appreciating teachers, whether it is a yearly or monthly ceremony is a good incentive to empower both the teachers and the students. Providing students the opportunity to show their deep respects for their teachers is also a very good way to discipline them not only for the betterment of their families or institutions but the world at large.

Appreciation of the activities of the Teachers’ Day 2015 took place on 10 September 2015 which marked the official starting of the new Academic Year at Siam University. On this day, students on their knees with jasmine flower garlands crawl up to the teachers with their heads down as a symbol of their respect and demonstrate their appreciation. Teachers sit in front of the students and receive the flowers while patting and rendering words of encouragement to the students.

The highlights of the ceremony include religious activities, paying respect to teachers and activities in appreciation to unite the teachers, speech, dramas and cultural dance.

Siam University President Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit bestowed words of wisdom on both the teachers and the students. He encourages the students to be disciplined, prompt and respectful in their various daily activities more especially their stay at Siam University.

This act of respect is believed to Permeates throughout the entire sectors of the society.

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