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“Study Skill” for the First Year Students


Study skills as well identified to be a distinctive approach of learning considered the intricate challenges in learning. It is a strategy established to administer a proper guidance for new students. At this information sharing session of enthusiasm, students are enlightened on the basic ways of grading and evaluating. At this juncture, questions regarding the requirements for classroom settings, grades, study program, time schedules are kindly welcomed.

These workshop sessions are a delicate way to assist the student throughout their study in the university. First-year students often take some time to adjust to collegiate lifestyles. The university is expected to enlighten the students of the essential procedures in choosing and studying in their various departments, in which students will comply with the academic requirements.

Siam university president Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit directed this workshop session to administer into the new students the basic study skills which will enable them identify the learning style that best suits them. It also provides a better system of learning that students can study successfully and achieve their goals.

This session was set to offer the students a greater opportunity to discipline themselves and at the same time ease their studies at the university. Such study skills are expected of the students to develop in areas of time management, diary, reading, communication etc.

By often arranging study skills, workshops sessions and other kinds of academic activities students will find it easier to succeed in their academic life.

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