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Sports at Siam University


In November 2014, Siam University celebrated its sports day. This epic event was memorable as it showcased an array of various sports talents from the Students. The sports day was part of University curriculum of events for the year. Activities such as sporting events makes Siam University unique because its activities not only aims at achieving academic ends, it also involves human training in the physical aspect.

The sports day involved various sporting competitions like Basketball. Basketball is a famous and favorite sports in Thailand. During the sporting event, students also competed in “sepak takraw” game. “Sepak Takraw” is also a popular game in Asia. It is played with three men each on both halves of the badminton size court. Students also participated in the other sporting events such as badminton and table tennis.

This event marked a memorable day for the students and all who were invited during the occasion.

Siam University environment encourages all aspects of growth of human personality. It will be good to note that the University has a well planned out structure of the school and incorporated sporting events by building sports equipment inside the school. They have also provided the students the opportunities to practice with these sporting facilities.

There are Gym centers, basketball courts and the sports centers constructed by the University. These sporting places host many students on daily basis.

The Structural plans for sports by the University make a big impression that Siam University has well laid out plans for the future youngsters. It had also given this impression that Sports ought to be a compulsory subject in all institutions of higher learning.

Of course, it is obvious today that sport is a uniting factor for all people of file and ranks. That was exactly why the university had made it a culture once in a while to bring students together to compete in sporting events. Moreover it will help the students to construct a positive mindset towards enduring a healthy competition in the society. Such healthy competition ought to depict the spirit of sportsmanship.


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