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At the beginning of 2015, Siam University had organized sports competition ever. Of course, this was one of the biggest competitions ever to be held by the University. Many Students had on this occasion stared in various sporting activities.

However, the University took a special turn to highlight this need for students by organizing the epic Sports event. However, in this sporting competition, several sporting activities were on parade.

Competitors participated in High jump, long jump, hurdle races, 100 meters, and 200 meters, marathon races, and canoe paddling competition, badminton, table tennis, taekwondo and Basketball among others.

It was a hilarious moment as it was no surprise that Siam University students showed expertise and mastery over all the sports they participated in. it was indeed the period when students also showed the professionalism in various sporting events.

There were awards after the competition. Medals were given to Competitors who showed character by outclassing their opponents in various sports. There were awards for Organizers of the competition who showed complete spirit of sportsmanship during the event.

Sport is very necessary for the human body. Therefore it is encouraged to be part of the discipline to be studied in the Universities. Because of its importance, it has to form part of the human learning process. Sport is an important aspect that ought to be incorporate in education of the youth. The benefits of sports to humans were well documented.

Thus, Sport should not end in mere external activities during leisure times, efforts should be made in establishing it as a discipline for the higher institutions of learning as already suggested.

A fit and healthy human society should be an imperative in the modern society. The need for exercise had been discovered in the modern Thailand. This is evident given the number of Gym centers found in good numbers within the Bangkok city. This will go on in highlighting the importance of sports.

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