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Sports activity by Siam University Professionals


Siam University being an institution of learning encourages sports in all its departments. On the 18th of May 2015, Siam University professionals participated in a number of sporting events. This time, it was Siam University Professionals at the various cadres who took the stage to showcase their ability in various sporting events ranging from basketball, football, volleyball and badminton.

This event was colorful as well as entertaining. The fans at this occasion reveled in surprise at how middle aged and elderly professionals, who were gathered across faculties of the university, could perform at such a high tempo characteristic same as youth.

Sport is an important sector in human activities. Its importance to human development can never be over-emphasized. Of course, sport is just one of the ways of uniting people for refreshment and recreation. It would most times be required that one should engage in certain sports regularly to gain the fitness and health of mind required for carrying out general tasks. Sport is pronounced to be more of a natural act in which humans engage. In our various jobs for instance, we need to understand and study the intricacies of activity, and its physical and mental requirements.

It is very essential that every age in the society should be encouraged to regularly participate in sporting activities, so as to build the immune system required for healthy and fit body. For diabetes patients, sports can be effective in lowering blood sugar level. Sports can also eschew some known diseases like Arthritis or Asthma abundantly. It can also help the body to sustain its immune system.

However, participation in sports especially for the elderly people should be done with caution. Siam University organized such sports events time to time for employee motivation, inter communication, refreshment and health consciousness.

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