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Sky Lounge Restaurant at Siam University


Sky Lounge Restaurant organized an internal workshop for high school Students on the 25th May 2015. It was a workshop session organized for some selected students from various high schools. Sky Lounge Restaurant is located at the 9th floor 19th building of Siam University campus. They had invited a guest trainer during this workshop who works as a chef in millennium Hilton Bangkok Hotel. The participating students at this workshop were trained on how to make cupcakes. The skill of baking cupcakes will help them to achieve self-reliance in the future.

The participating students during this workshop were assisted to bake cupcakes. The guest trainer had explained that Making of cupcakes follows a lot of processes. Some of the ingredients used during this process included flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter etc. Workshops as this would assist many students to realize their latent potentials and would subsequently lead to self-actualization.

The objective of organizing this internal workshop was to encourage skill acquisition in high school Students. Another objective is to train future entrepreneurs and managers who will own businesses and become successful entrepreneurs.There are obvious advantages of this workshop. One of the advantages being that it will provide many students with alternative opportunities for competitive top government jobs. It will also prevent them from being over-dependent on government jobs that are not immediately available.

The students were advised during this workshop to develop skills while in School, because it would serve a temporary source of living. As trained Chefs, they can become entrepreneurs or even managers of self-employed businesses.This workshop asides exposing students to skill acquisition was targeted at discovering students who have specific skills in chef business. This workshop is advantageous mostly for students who may not go further with University education. This will enable them to immediately engage themselves after high school.

The relevance of this workshop is that it helps Students to develop a career in the future. Cake baking business does not demand too much capital in setting it up, and this makes it an interesting venture for starters.

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