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Siam University’s Strategic Planning Workshop


The University is focusing on even higher standards of teaching and learning, toward fulfilling the students with continuous academic growth and development. The University had pledged in this stream of academic reformation to continue working and administering a spirit of cooperativeness to serve both the International and local students in Thailand, in good, noble and enriching ways through establishing, academic workshops and seminars to support the students for an even better system of education.

This academic advancement has led to the success of the establishment of several MOUs with numerous accredited higher institutions. It has responsively attested and stirred up the need for academic collaboration. But, before an institution comes to the table of agreement with other higher institutions to engage in academic collaboration, the institution in focus must have an elegant system of education that welcomes new ideas and perspectives, and can be easily adjustable concerning the restructuring of the present education system for advancement.

Siam University had conducted a workshop session on strategic planning on the 8th of August 2015. In this knowledge-sharing session between the president and the staff, numerous issues and ideas were raised and consciously discussed for the development of every existing department at the University. New strategies were introduced to encourage problem-based learning, small group discussion and brainstorming, collaboration, knowledge management, etc. The dynastic of academic excellence at Siam University has been its effectiveness to get different department of study to work together in harmony with the society’s moral values and standard.

This particular session focused more on how the curriculum in every department can be broadened through the means of cutting edge technology, and also, to apply new ideas and strategy on how to constantly modernize them. Siam University president Pornchai Mongkhonvanit utilized the opportunity to remind the deans of every program about the visions and missions of their department.

Siam University constantly inflicts in students a strong sense of moral values and corporate social responsibility in their way to achieving a high standard of academic brilliance, and equally provides the nation with energetic and vivacious young leaders that will determine the fate of tomorrow in the belief that it will lead to a possible greatness ever achieved.


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