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Siam University Commencement 2015 Rehearsal


Siam University Commencement 2015 Rehearsal

Practice makes perfect and perfection leads to satisfaction at its fullness!

On the commencement rehearsal day of the newly graduated students of Siam University, the bright flying colors that twirls smoothly around, a glimpse of beaming faces milling around the buildings and the glimmers of good times that lounges on their faces as they gracefully emerged in mass before the presence of the President Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit to be congratulated for their successful accomplishment of their degrees.

Siam University’s annual Commencement ceremony stands as one of the highlights of the academic year, it’s a chance to honor and celebrate the impressive accomplishments of graduates. It has been the tradition of the University since the commencement of graduates year after year. This significant event is held in the University before the final distribution of the degrees in Main Royal Navy Auditorium this year by one of the royal family members.

Siam University commencement day which was on the 4th and the 5th of July, 2015 marked a history in the lives of the newly graduated students as they prepare to receive their Honorary degrees will be awarded by the Princess of Thailand that will come in September Convocation. On the commencement day, the students were repeatedly taught the right way of the procession in receiving degrees from the Princess. The 4th of July was the rehearsal for the Bachelor graduates whilst, on the 5th of July was for the Master and Ph.D. graduates.

“This honorable moment will remain with you forever as you prepare to receive your certificates of what you have longed and sacrificed throughout your studies here at Siam University. We will ever remain grateful to be part of your academic life, and always remember that you represent this institution wherever you found yourselves. The knowledge you have obtained in this institution will provide you the necessary skills to excel in your future careers.” The President of Siam University, Dr. Pornchai Mongkhunvanit in his remark to the newly graduated students of 2015.

After years of sacrifices, a brief silence was observed and exercised by the students to reflect on their experiences gained, and embark on a new stage of life. Also, the students were bravely encouraged by their distinguished professors and teachers to kindly embrace any challenges that will come their way.

Siam University staff members equally expressed their happiness for the students to have successfully graduated and earned their degrees. Thanks for making the ceremony a memorable celebration. We look forward to another wonderful celebration of our students achievements.

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