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Siam University Student Recreational activity


On the 7th of April, some Siam University Students had a recreational activity organized for them. The aim of the activity was to provide a refreshing moment for the students. During this activity, the students also brought up the initiative to entertain them through organizing a casual dance just for fun. From the looks of the students who participated in this event, it will be remarked that the students enjoyed themselves and had lots of fun.

This activity took place outside the school to make way for some refreshing environment outside normal school environment. It was also fun that students had worn uniform attires and emblems for this activity.

Recreational Activity is an important body refreshing exercise that cannot be axed from Students’ daily curriculum. It is mostly very good for students who definitely need some little relaxation after long hours of brain work activity in the classroom.

Apart from this official recreational activity, Students also have opportunities to recreate themselves within the school which would normally be in-between the periods students finish their class lectures and the next class lectures. However, students can recreate themselves during their free hours in school. But officially during weekdays, both staff and students are allowed official 1 hour lunch-time break during which time student were usually spotted in the coolest places of the university.

During break/lunch times students are often seen gathering around in serene and cool places around the school telling stories, exchanging pleasantries with friends and enjoying the atmosphere. Some others could also be spotted in food centers, coffee shops, and snacks stands in and around the school, and including University food center/canteen behind 12th building.

A couple of students also spend their recreational activities at the famous University garden of Peace. This Garden offers a refreshing moment with cool wind blowing across the width and breadth of the garden. It is structured in such a way as to provide needed relaxation for students during their free times. Some students also prefer reading their favorite books/novels during free times.

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