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Siam University International Student Football Club 2017


International Football Club of Siam University Tournament WINNERS!!!!

Several students from the international programs at Siam University gathered together to practice their skills in football this semester in preparation for a tournament hosted by Rangsit University.  On 28-29 October 2017, 6 teams entered the tournament from Siam University, ABAC, 2 teams from Rangsit, DPU, and APIU.  The games began at 8.30 am with Rangsit Myanmar students Vs. Siam University where both teams played equally matched and the score reflected it with 4 to 4 result.  This was the first of 2 games for Siam University scheduled for the day.  The second game began at 3.00 pm, and during their down time, the team practiced and prepared to step-up their game to secure their position in the semi-finals.  The second game was Siam University Vs. DPU and this was proven to be a successful match where the score was Siam 4 and DPU 2.  This was enough for the Siam Football team to advance into the semi final match against ABAC on the 29th of October.

After a restful nights sleep, our Football team arrived once again to Rangsit University ready to take on the semi-final round with everything they had.  Siam University Vs. ABAC was a highly anticipated match.  Siam Football team lead the way by defeating ABAC by shut-out scoring 2 (Siam) to 0 (ABAC).  This put them into the final round and each of the Siam Football Club players were in very high spirits and high energy.

The final round was APIU Vs. Siam University and each team was eager to become the champions for the tournament.  Both teams were matched and the game was close, but Siam Football players out performed their competition and defeated APIU 4 to 2.

The International Students of Siam University’s Football Club WON first place in the tournament.  The team, led by Yusuf Baba, proudly accepted the trophy and medals from the organizers and shared in the glory with the supporters that went as well.   It was also admirable that the football team also showed respect to their competitors and shook their hands in a well played game.

Upon returning to Siam University with the first place trophy in hand, the President took the team out for a congratulatory lunch to show the University’s gratitude for a grand display of their commitment, charisma, and dedication to the football club, the university, and their team.

Congratulations to all members of the team and lets get ready for next years tournament


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