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Siam University Graduation Day 2015


Good things come with labor invested!

Siam University congratulates the class of 2015 on their achievements in obtaining certificates over the past few years of academic struggles and challenges. It is a relief sensation that students are virtually awarded certificates at the end of the day after distressful times they have invested in throughout their years of study at the University. It is a joy that Siam University cannot leisurely express. It is a memorable joy that will truly and solemnly throb in their hearts of the members of SIAM.

Siam University is overwhelmingly grateful to have produced graduates of this year’s graduation ceremony. At this momentous ceremony, the graduates were assembled in mass to join in the procession of the certificates collection. Graduates of bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. virtually obtained their possible certificates from a member of the Thai Royal Family Princess.

This ceremony took place at the Royal Thai Navy Auditorium on 4th September 2015, wherein are graduates of Siam University from all academic levels and some outstanding students from all the departments of study who have maintained a shriek academic brilliance.

At the graduation ceremony, certificates were awarded to around 3000 graduates from 9 countries. Graduates received their certificates in Business Administration, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Information Technology, Science, Law, Communication Arts, Nursing, and Pharmacy. There were also some intelligent students who received awards for their academic excellence and dedication.

Over 2000 distinguished guests, family and friends attended the ceremony to share in the success of our graduates. The President of Siam University showered encomiums to the graduates and congratulates them on their academic achievements. He also wished them success in their future careers and reminded them of the institution they were developed and to uphold the prestige of the University.

Siam University Graduation Day 2015 Video

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