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Siam University Event


Siam University from time to time organises student participatory events. This is however one of such events. The main purpose of this event was mainly to expose the students on the practical and social aspects of life. It is also a forum through which students and staffs of the University are brought together in social way. This Event involved the students and the staffs of the University across various Faculties.

The University event however was not limited to some faculties as all faculties partake in it in other to truly depict the togetherness amongst the students and the staffs. Various faculties from pharmacy, Business administration, and to information technology where sparsely represented.

Siam University event package normally brings its glamor and certain amount of euphoria to the students who are beneficiaries of this event.

During this event, there were unction sale of items ranging from educational materials, food items and some company products.

It is glaringly noticeable that most of the events as this one was usually adorned by uniformity. It was usually noticed that similar dress codes and dress styles were worn by the students. The wearing of uniforms signifies or depict the inward uniformity among various Faculties.

Here, students were engaged in various activities ranging from buying and selling of items. This epic event showcased that Siam University students have opportunities to showcase their abilities from marketing to information technology. It also offers students opportunities to show the society what they learnt in the classroom as the event rather took place outside the shores of the university where the society can appreciate the beauty of such event.

Of course, it captures the readiness of the University administration to expose the students to practical life in the society. This prepares them to face the society as experienced adults once they graduate from the school.

In all, both Students and the Staffs of Siam University were all happy at the huge success of the event.

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