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Siam University Basketball Practice


Basketball is adjudged to be one of the important sporting activities in Siam University giving the love and time Students devote to it. It is an emotion relieving factor. Sports in general are one important aspect that the University has indeed taken very seriously, given its many advantages especially to young prospects of the society.

The Students who have fallen in love with sports especially basketball are seen practicing it on daily basis. The intention of the University is to train young and vibrant basketball Players who may represent the University and the country as professionals in the future.

Most Students prefer Basketball to other sports because it is easier to learn and participate. There are six players and each player has a role to play while in the basketball court. Basketball is a flexible sport which involves bouncing around the ball with the hands, and trying to score points through baskets. Siam Students are seen to be very good in this game.

Daily basketball practice is a good way of uniting Students across various faculties. Students are therefore encouraged by the University administration to know one another through such means. Also, what they learnt from this sport can help expose them to know that academic and other life competitions ought to embrace same spirit of sportsmanship.

The Students of Siam University are very outstanding in sporting activities in comparison to other Asian Universities. These Students had on a number of sporting competitions elevated the status and dignity of Siam University through their exploits in the Basketball courts.

The aim of introducing basketball and other sports in the Siam University is most importantly to discover and develop skills. Siam University aims at versatile education of human personality and had their sights set on discovering students who may become professionals in the future though sports.

The university therefore creates a wider space for students to harness and discover their talents as some of these Students may decide to take up a career in basketball or other sports after their education.

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