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Siam University and University of Thai Chamber of Commerce


It was an extraordinary feeling for Siam University as the President of the University Dr. Pornchai Mongkohnvanit partook in co-chairing a project flag-off event at the University of Thai Chamber of commerce. This is a project event that took place on the 8th and 9th of June 2015 at the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce. It was, however, organized to flag-off a project titled: “The power network of private higher education institutions’ students for change in Thai society”.

This particular project was undertaken with the cooperation of the organizers of these three institutions: Association of Private Higher Education Institutions of Thailand, University of Thai chamber of commerce and Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit and the President of the association of Private Higher Education Institutions in Thailand were the co-chairmen of this opening project. The primary Objective of this project event was to train 300 students from 16 private higher education institutions to become the “New generation of moral and volunteer leaders” to bring about a better change in Thai society in the near future.

The New project group intends to recruit young persons who can easily integrate into their project vision of leadership for future Thai Society. Would-be beneficiaries of this training were expected to heed and adapt to the demands of the training schedules. They would also be made to understand through this training, that the future of Thai society rests on the shoulders of the younger generation.

This project, therefore, has its plans to empower the youths under the aegis of Private Higher education institutions. Thus, it is a project that is most beneficial to the University students. Hence, the project program has the greatest advantage to young University students.

It is also a project that has a long term advantage to Thai society. The students who will benefit from this training will become prospective and visionary leaders in the near future, who will equally be responsible at the leadership helm of the various sectors in Thai Society.

Siam University and other Universities in this scheme have their students in their hearts, and also, encourage other institutions to collaborate the sharing of knowledge for the purpose of academic development for all the students in Thailand.

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