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Siam University and Nurses Association in Thailand


Thailand as one of the top medical tourist destinations had foreseen the need for educational modifications. Starting from the higher institution to a professional level; Siam University has gone beyond its constitutive institutional influence and initiative to conjoin with the Nurses Association of Thailand to establish a standard system of learning through the means of advanced information technology into her education system. Upon this “Academic Initiative,” Siam University and Nurses Association of Thailand had collided together to mitigate the initial barriers of communication in the medical industries. Upon this same “Instigation,” Siam University will render a “corporate social responsibility” to challenge other higher institution to take part in the modification of her education system especially, in the departments of medicine.

However, Siam University has gone to a distinctive level of standard in IT to be initially invited by the Nurses Association of Thailand to deliberate on the issues that will subdue some complications encountered in the medical industry of Thailand. And, this process of “Academic Medical Reengineering” will start from the learning pattern of nursing students in Thailand.

In a short parameter of the meeting, certain goals and missions were, deliberately, judiciously, and noticeably deployed and tabled to be accomplished in the trail of educational modifications which are the followings:

  • To build a better communication between Thai nurses and foreign patients;
  • To subdue the curse of social anxiety and shyness among Thai nurses in relation with foreign patients;
  • To incapacitate and break the cultural and language barriers;
  • To build a better understanding, and develop the smoothness of services and a better and faster learning style;
  • To be opened to different languages and;
  • To encourage a greater sense of international exposure among Thai nurses by embracing different cultures and knowledge;

Focusing on the recent trend of technology, Nurses Association of Thailand has been initiated to generate IOS mobile application for accredited nurses. It has been one of the great initiatives taken so far in Thailand for the benefit of nurses over and above the entire nursing industry in Thailand. The application will allow nurses to gain English Terminology based on selected case studies together with all-inclusive sound conversations between a nurse and a patient. This project seeks to integrate IT device that will provide a mobile platform for Nurses to practice English language. The underlying intention was to create an IT application which will make it easier for Nurses to learn and communicate more effectively in English language. On this project, there will be voice integration via which the Nurses can listen and can as well practice and evaluate their performances.

We are perched on the frontiers of future knowledge, and the human enterprise has been roaring in a deep complexity of information technology advancements. Due to these continuous rapid changes in IT, we certainly ought to capitalize every existed opportunity to further harness development in our 21st century technology. It is undoubtedly true, that Siam University subscribes to these technological advancements despite its intricate transparency.

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