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Siam University Ambassadors Forum


On the 21st of November 2014, Siam University invited another important dignitary, the Ambassador of Denmark to Thailand. This visit turned out to be very educative and revealing. The students who attended this forum learnt so much about Denmark, its politics, its culture and economy.

The aim of this forum was to educate students on leadership and its skills through seasoned professionals, ambassadors and Diplomats. Of course, leadership is an art. The Danish Ambassador to Thailand was really well informed on leadership skills and had on this occasion helped to educate the students more on this subject.

While the Ambassador was speaking he stressed on economic, political and social aspects of Danish Culture as that which were hinged on four things: trust, solidarity, involvement and environment.

The Ambassador highlighted “involvement” as an aspect that is significant in the running of the affairs of Danish government. The citizens of a particular country must be involved in taking decisions that affect them as a group which distinguishes them from an uncivilized society. If everyone gets involved in the monitoring and as well as getting involved in discussing national issues that affect them as a country, it will not be easy for few individuals to hijack the governing process of the country.

Another is the issue of trust. If people have the confidence that their leadership will always do what is right, it makes it easier for leaders to buy the trust of the people. Trust cannot be guaranteed when there is an indication of bad leadership in the system. It is a rare attribute. However, it guarantees the smooth running of the system once it exists between the people and government.

Solidarity is also important in leadership. Solidarity goes hand in hand with Trust. Once people can trust their leaders, there will be an assured solidarity and support (legitimacy) from the people. Hence, for society to experience true social change it should encourage trust and solidarity among its members.

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