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Bureau of quality and safety of food


Some Student delegates from Siam University visited the Bureau of quality and safety of food. Students were availed this kind of opportunity from time to time in other to improve their knowledge on practical experiences. This visit was informed by the need for students especially those studying hotel and tourism to be informed on the importance of maintaining the quality and safety of food both at home and in the public.

Thai government had emphasized the need to promote Thailand as ‘the Kitchen of the world’. Hence, she has had well established policies on food safety and food security to promote this awareness.

In 2008, law to establish National committee on food issue was developed. Here also, Food Safety strategies were developed and road map to the food quality was drawn. Several food production industries and corporations were made to collaborate with this strategy.

The job of Thai government food safety agencies is to monitor how industries, food producing companies and street foods strictly adhere to the set out policies. Food safety had remained a global concern for some time now and had been decried by the world body such as Food and Agricultural organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO). This is to ensure that people have access to quality and healthy food.

Hence, this visit was a good opportunity for students of Siam university should be aware that food quality and safety is not only limited to our different homes, but should extend to global marketing of the food products considering the fact that there are many tourists in Thailand from all over the world.

However, students who visited this bureau were properly sensitized on the various ways of preserving food and keeping it very healthy and safe.

The safety and quality of food will also be important in its marketing. People are convinced to buy foods once there is confidence that the food is secure and safe for the body. Hence for students especially those studying for hotel and tourism, it will be of help if they can apply all of the safety measures needed in keeping food safe for the health of the society.

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