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Senator and President of Utah State University


It was again! A special honor and privilege for the President and staff members of Siam University, who on the 10th of June 2015, welcomed a special dignitary, in the person of the Senator and the President of Utah State University USA. The visit of the President of Utah to Siam University was indeed a profound one. This visit was, however, embarked believably, to substantiate a longstanding relationship that had existed in the past between the two institutions.

Even though it was primarily a courtesy visit to Siam University, the visitor (President of Utah) staged a brief meeting with the host where he raised the issue on how to improve further, the existing relationship between the two institutions.

It was, therefore, understandable that Siam University has long been in good terms with the Utah State University and would naturally be nursing desires to get into a formal, and more involved collaboration with Utah State University, considering its longstanding pedigree among the committee of world universities. In the foregoing development, this visit had helped to chart a clear line of action on previous efforts by the two institutions which were aimed at sparking up a formal collaboration between them.

The possibility of Exchange students would remain an incentive for collaboration between these two institutions in the long run. And perhaps, the above speculations may have been the primordial motive for paying a courtesy visit to Siam University.

However, at a different scenario, the President of Siam University espoused some of the structural challenges Siam University was fronting, as he took the visitor round to the central Library, the Maruay library in the 19th building and the other places as he deemed fit. He, therefore, expressed hope and optimism that the University will soon overcome some of its challenges as it was undergoing some structural overhaul in some important sections of the University.

However, the Utah State University President was quite impressed with the development and academic credentials of Siam University. He thereby encouraged the University administration to keep the flag flying by ensuring quality education, which Siam University was always known for.

Courtesy at its apex, shown by the Senator and President of Utah State University has certainly opened doors for the other higher institution to establish an academic collaboration among other Universities. Siam University in its structure engages in a several academic collaboration with other Universities.

At SIAM, students are offered a variety of opportunities to acquire enough knowledge that will accompany them to their future careers.

The Siam University President in a remark delivered at the conclusion of the visit, sumptuously appreciated the guest for his visit. He thereby urged him to extend their gratitude to the entire staff and faculty of Utah State University on behalf of Siam University.

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