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Safe the planet- Tree Plantation initiated by Siam University


Siam University had been taken initiative to Recruit students to take part in tree plantation in up-country is one of the voluntary schemes arranged by Siam University. This program includes recruiting students in the tree plantation works, and also with the aim of teaching students the necessary needs in combining their academic life with social responsibilities needed for the growth of a nation. SIAM hopes to continue this particular volunteer program every year based on the massive development it has brought to the community and also hope to be a good example to other universities to recruit their students to take part in such activity. This activity usually takes place in the Northern parts of the country, Phu Chi Fah, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai to be specific. But the University is looking forward to extend this activity to other parts of the country.

The purpose of introducing this program:

  1. To develop upland communities
  2. To encourage togetherness in teaching the young once the sense of social responsibility
  3. To enlighten the student with the Knowledge about the landscape of their communities
  4. To acknowledge the philosophy of sufficiency economy introduced by his Royal Majesty King of Thailand
  5. To grow more trees for sustainable development
  6. To discourage deforestation in the country
  7. To render help to people that resides in cold areas
  8. To bring awareness to the community works in order develop understanding
  9. To ensure a healthy environment for tourists
  10. To share creativity and also encourage a clean and green environment
  11. To promote tourism in the country
  12. To encourage students in social activities and responsibilities

Whilst here, Students are expected to participate in cropping plants, learning the importance of agriculture to the communities. Students are taught by well experienced farmers and are expected to take part in rice plantation.

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