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RCAP Continuation Committee Meeting



CoNGO Regional Committee in Asia Pacific (RCAP)
Continuation Committee Meeting
Siam University, Bangkok / January 12, 2018


On January 12th, 2018, the Conference of NGOs (CoNGO), held a meeting at Siam University. This forum is a division of the Regional Committee in Asia-Pacific (RCAP) of CoNGO. The main purpose of the meeting was to begin preparing for the second annual RCAP meeting. The members will meet before the United Nations ESCAP, 74th session on (11-16 May 2018) in Bangkok, Thailand. The next meeting of the continuation committee of CoNGO will take place on 8-9 May.

The participants of this meeting in building 19’s Millennium room, includes:
  • Mr. Cyril Ritchie, President of CoNGO;
  • Ms. Sheila Bordier, Senior Associate of CoNGO;
  • NGOs representatives from the Asia-Pacific region
    • Church Center for the UN;
    • International Federation of Business and Professional Women, etc.

Representing Siam University, and honorable host of the meeting:

  • Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit President of Siam University;
  • Dr. Kanjana Mahattanatawee, Dean of the Faculty of Science;
  • Dr. Chaiyanant Panyasiri, Acting Dean of the Graduate School of Management.

A reception lunch was hosted by Dr. Pornchai at the Heritage Dining Hall of Siam University. A casual, but memorable tea reception was also hosted by Dr. Chaiyanant at the Maruay Library.

During the meeting, Siam University delegates suggested a worthwhile proposal. They suggested more effort in cooperation within academic and business circles in Thailand. Including these types of association could bring high benefits to the cause of RCAP. They should aim for the ones that actively practice Sustainable Development. Especially those identified with the SDG Millennium Goals of the UNESCO. The networks of SDGs to be facilitated by Siam University include:

  • Sustainable University Network (SUN);
  • Social Enterprises (SE) in Thailand, and;
  • Academic institutions well known in action research on Sustainable Development and Sufficient Economic Philosophy.

Dr. Chaiyanant will represent Siam University at the next meeting of CoNGO in May. He will also follow up with his proposed idea of “sustainable urban development.” This idea has become crucial now for Thailand. The plan is for the country to develop the status of a knowledge based society and urban living. Thailand’s initiative is in response to UNESCO’s SDGs. This new urban agenda will assure Thailand’s focus on creativity, innovation, and development path towards 4.0 status.


– Dr. Chaiyanant Panyasiri
Acting Dean of the Graduate School of Management


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