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Quality Assurance Seminar at Siam University


Quality assurance is a forum where issues concerning the higher education system are discussed by Thai Ministry of Education in consonance with Thai higher institutions. Siam University had yet again hosted this group in a meeting held on the 7th – 8th July 2015 at Siam University. This seminar registered massive presence of lecturers, professors and staffs across all faculties of Siam University. This time around, the central talking point of this seminar was on how to provide a sustainable platform for the future of higher education and the adequate implementation of educational policies as set out by the Thai Ministry of Education.

Educational Policies to be implemented by quality assurance group were targeted at establishing credible platforms for Thai Higher Education system. This Platform will set out new rules that will govern University Education System, while at the same time attempting at solidifying extant rules and policies of this group. It will also highlight various areas where the universities need to refocus on, in other to ensure sustainable development in the system.

During this time, part of the discussion was also on urging the higher institutions to re-strategize its academic program and structure in order to reflect the quality expected of the system. This will enable the stakeholders of this seminar to discover the circumstantial glitches that bedraggle the academic system, and to subsequently work towards providing qualitative proposals for its sustenance. It was highlighted at this forum that compliance to set down educational policies would invariably lead to sustainability and effectiveness in higher education sector. This seminar is set to tackle these areas head on in order to achieve sustainability in the system.

Quality assurance will also provide stable educational reform for Universities according to the needs of the modern society. Hence, Quality Assurance Seminar is therefore besieged with an onerous task of monitoring these reforms as they would be impacted in higher education sector.

On the other hand, their ambition was to provide policy regulations that will reflect the education that best suits the modern technological age. It is an imperative to ensure that sustainability in educational system is a priority.


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