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Planting Tree Ceremony


Dr.Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, President of Siam University and faculty members with students from Siam University Joined together and form a sustainable initiative planted trees at Phuthamonthon District under the Royal Project, and the initiative of HRH Princess MahaChakriSirindhorn presided along with the team and administrators from Channel 3 joined this meaningful project.

A green environment is a healthy environment. Trees attract ventilation, especially in tropical regions, in other words, planting trees are highly encouraged and cultivated. SIAM has developed several voluntary schemes to assist the communities by initiating students and training them to take part in cleaning and planting trees.

Tree plantation is part of the voluntary that SIAM carries out throughout the community. SIAM believed that by participating in tree plantation will add to maintaining the environment and keeping it clean. Due to its year to year voluntary schemes; SIAM has made it obligatory for the pharmacy students as part of their extra-curriculum activities who by their efforts and dedication they will cultivate the sense of social responsibility.

During the course of these voluntary schemes, students travel to remote areas and rural districts on University’s luxurious buses to contribute in cultivating plants and trees for forestry and plantation purposes. This duty normally carries out every year and the main targets are freshmen and sometimes sophomore nursing students.

The main aims;

  • To assist students develop teamwork by working together;
  • To help students develop a sense of social responsibility;
  • To train students in order to be able to manage the pressure outside the diversified challenging employment world;
  • To also encourage students to be hard working in their career endeavors;


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