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Photo Exhibition


Network Communication Arts Consortium is a collaboration of scholars in the departments of Communication Arts from numerous Universities in Thailand.

This network of communications recognizes the importance of promoting the creative masterminds and equally publishing the works of art. This event also required to ensure quality education for all institutions of higher education.

Network Communications has partnered with academic and several international institutions. It has successfully carried out six events and had published works with several media corporations.

The exhibition was titled “Way of life, Tradition, and Culture on the Differences” which was held at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre on 28-30 April, 2015.

The hope of the event is reflected through various cultural perspectives that contribute to the knowledge of the people collectively. This will enable the coexistence of people with different ideologies, beliefs and different ways of life to live peacefully with one mutual understanding between them.

During the course of this “International Exhibitions” academics and professionals were expected to select a number of 1040 photographs from eight different countries, including the United States, India, Bhutan, South Korea, Japan, China, the Philippines and Thailand of which 20 organizations participated. The eight countries qualified after the scholars scrutinized the quality of the various works. There were a total of 175 images, each image reflects a dimensional view of the interpretive ideology that justified a different way of life.

The purpose of initiating this Network Communications by visual communication is to showcase beautiful images of different cultures in which by combination will lead to a peaceful coexistence, and also bring smiles to everyone who was present on that day.

SIAM encourages her students to be more active in their respective future careers. A driveway towards a successful lifetime rather than classroom works.


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