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Peace Day 2015 celebration in Campus


The International Day of Peace or Peace Day was observed at Siam University on the 21st of September 2015. On this day the University lunched the LOVE Sculpture in the Garden of Peace located at Siam University. This campaign is to promote Peace around the globe. During the course of this momentous and delirious event Siam University President Dr. Pornchai mongkhonvanit together with the invited honorary dignitaries, special guests, staff and students, etc. held hands together and sang “We Are The World” song to remind the world of the essence of peace and the need for it in our modern world.

The theme for this year’s International Day of Peace Celebration adjusted by the UN is “Partnerships for Peace” – Which requires all the sectors of the society to come in communion with Peace and understand the true essence of Togetherness.

Siam University celebrates International Day of Peace yearly and urges all the sectors of the society as suggested by the UN to Unite Together for Love and Peace.

Below are a few clips presented by Siam University students on the Peace Day.

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