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Open House 2017 at Siam University


Learn to Change the Future 5.0  – Open House at Siam University

28 – 30 November 2017

To close the year with a positive impact, Siam University held a successful Open House for 2017, under the theme of  Learn to Change the Future 5.0 – Siam University.  The event opened with a formal ceremony commemorating the days ahead for the benefit of future learning and success.  The high school students, university staff and students were welcomed by the President of Siam University and many members of department administrations.   During the 3 day event, each department and a variety of university clubs opened booths to share information about themselves to several thousand high school students that visited.  Several vendors also set up some marketing booths to advertise their products and services.  The high school students were guided around the campus by our student government members after they were introduced to their days journey by members of the admissions department.  University staff and students had opportunities to share their knowledge through different types of fun activities, from learning how to do some basic medical treatments from the Nursing Department to playing games with the International BBA students.  The open house also offered many kinds of snacks and foods for our visitors as well as being provided with many souvenirs, brochures, and bags.

Everyone that attended the event had a fun time being hosted by Siam University delegates.  We hope to see them again soon as a part of our community and share the wealth of knowledge offered by our faculties.

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