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Nursing student practicing Salsa dance


Salsa dance dates its origin as far back as mid 1970 New York dance. However, it has changed both in style and form since then. Salsa dance has almost been incorporated as one of the local dances in Thailand and remains a popular dance in the city of Bangkok.

Salsa dance is practiced by nursing students of Siam University at the university premises. Because of its importance, Students are encouraged to practice it on daily basis.

It is characterized by spectacular hip and body movements. Salsa dance is also part of practical physical and health education. It energizes the body and frees the mind. It has also been likened to Thai style of cultural dance moves.

There are many benefits of Salsa dance to the students. It has been incorporated into the program for nursing students by the University in other to make new knowledge available to students especially those that goes beyond classroom work.

Extra-curricular activities such as Salsa dance aid students to understand more about variegated world cultures and their beauty. Culture is an important characteristic of human beings and their history. The importance of cultural education in the young people helps them to learn their history and as well as improve on the quality of their culture to reflect its meaning in actuality.

Salsa Dance is characterized as a helpful physical exercise to the students to keep their minds and body healthy and ready for classroom activities. The exercise has curative effects in relaxation of the body and reduction of stress.

It is commendable that the University have organized these extracurricular activities from time to time to help the students rebuild mental energy required for academic work. It is a positive indication that the University has a more holistic approach towards education. Siam University incorporates every important aspect of education in aiding stress-free learning process of the students.

In promoting Salsa Dance exercise, the University also acts in line with modern education system which requires education to be all inclusive; it should not exonerate any important aspect required for personality building.

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