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New Student Orientation for 2015 at Main Convention Hall, Golden Jubilee Building, Siam University.


Each year, Siam University organizes orientation ceremony for new students. This exercise had taken a customary approach in Siam schedule of events as it continuously attracts top academic professionals, lecturers and staffs every year. Through this forum, the University as a body welcomes all new intakes formerly to the university.

This year’s new students’ orientation was held on the 15th of June 2015 at Golden Jubilee building Siam University. The orientation exercise was adjudged special this time around, because new students were opportune to learn directly from the wealth of experienced faculty staffs, lecturers and professors of Siam University, who were massively present at this year’s episode. However, the purpose of this exercise was to assist in practical recruitment of the new students into academic consciousness of the university life and to aid their proper adjustment to their new environment.

Siam University President, who gave an elaborate and incisive power point presentation at this occasion, clearly pointed out the academic direction of Siam University and its mission towards providing practical qualitative education. He mentioned that Siam University’s academic mission is focused on three fronts: employability, diversity and sustainability. These three fronts are fortunately the main pivot of academic curriculum of Siam University.

However, the University under its own terms ensures that the above three mission agenda are met through collaborating and coordinating with firms, industries and commercial centers and to further provide internship programs for the students.

Siam University President, in a high profile remark made at this forum, had stated that Siam University is the leading institutions in terms of providing cooperative education and industry.

The university had remarked the importance of opening up internship opportunities for students because it allows them to gain the necessary experience in the job market. Cooperative education encourages sharing of information and practical knowledge between firms and the university. To actualize this, the University sends Student Interns in-between semesters to firms and production factories to work and gain experience in their field.

New Student Orientation for 2015 at Main Convention Hall, Golden Jubilee Building, Siam University.

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