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New Students “Home Sports in Campus”


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” a famous phrase used to refer to workaholics. Siam University constantly arranges activities for the newly inducted students. Mostly, every department organizes similar games and activities to get the student adjust to the University environment. Siam University also considers this particular approach in initiating activities to play a vital role in the psychology of the students and also, reverberating their feeling of University in order to create a home atmosphere and warmly welcome them into the Campus.

The Induction of the new students has been the mainstream of concentration in the University for the past few weeks. It has been the tradition of the University to set out some days for activities right after the orientation day. The induction and orientation are normally done, mostly, by the teachers and in few cases by some distinguished fourth-year students who have actively maintained good academic excellence and a very crystal good behavior throughout their academic years. These distinguished students dispatched in groups to lead the new index (students) around the University vicinity and equally instruct them to abide by the rules and regulations of their respective departments throughout the years they will spend in the University.

On the 30th of June 2015, in the same week of induction and orientation, Siam University President Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit assigned the head of each department to dispatch in groups to organize some game shows for the newly inducted students. These game shows were to challenge the new students to come up with ideas in creating or choosing their preferred game collectively. There were a good number of games that were in top flight, including water balloons towel toss, rope pull, and orienteering, etc. there were also spectators at sight to observe and evaluate the exercise at the end of each game.

Siam University continuously encourages her students to spend judicious time in their studies and is equally willing to provide an extra academic equipment if needed to ensure a prosperous academic years ahead for the benefit of the students and the entire University.

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