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Nepal Earthquake: A call to global environmental awareness


The Natural Environment continuously had been plagued by both human exploitation and Natural disasters. Even though we acknowledge that some disasters have occurred naturally, some disasters were mostly caused by extreme exploitation of the environment by humans.

Our criticisms of human activities on the environment were brought to limelight following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Katmandu and its surrounding environs in the past week. The death toll has been placed over 4000 people with several thousands of injured and homeless. This was the third ranking deadliest earthquake that ever took place on the planet earth after Sichuan China earthquake and Indian ocean tsunami in 2008 and 2004 respectively.

The world has been kept alert by shock created by this recent happening and the obvious damages and economic challenges it has already created for Nepal and the rest of the world. However, these challenges have assumed a global character. The reaction against extreme natural disasters as earthquake calls for a global response. It is a disaster that affects our natural habitat and as such it affects everyone in the long run.

The international bodies and NGO’s have called for spirited donations from other countries in other to assist Nepal. The report from Katmandu has suggested that a whopping might cost 5 billion dollars will be needed for long term to reconstruct the damages occurred from the earthquake.

Some natural disasters that occur may not be linked with human exploitative activities on the environment. However, we must be rather cautious not to create an extreme exploitative relationship with the environment. This unfortunate earthquake disaster will have renewed calls for more global cooperation to control human activities that rise natural disasters. Some of the earthquake happenings may have been avoided through proper environmental studies and research. Such studies should go on to suggest what human activities are best suited for each environment especially for disaster prone environments.

Siam University has apparently been very active in suggesting remedies to global environmental concerns. Siam University Research body will also be instrumental   in proffering long term solutions to these natural disasters.

Siam University and our affiliate Kathmandu College of Management, Nepal is working together to provide donations to assist with the recovery efforts. Please help us make a difference and donate today. We have set up a bank account at Bangkok Bank under the name ‘Siam University for Nepal’ (Account Number # 0058053398, Bangkok Bank). Please make your pledge and send us a message to confirm your deposit. Every little bit will help and keep the people of Nepal in your prayers.

It is recommended that more resources should be invested in environmental studies, training and retraining of various environmental specialists.

Please Donate for Nepal – Siam University and Kathmandu College of Management, Nepal

Posted by Siam University on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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