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MOU with Beijing Union University,Beijing University & Tsing Hua University


In 2015, Siam University  had a great leap in advancing its understanding with Beijing Union University, Beijing University of post and telecommunication and Tsing Hua University, when it co-signed a groundbreaking memorandum of understanding with these three Universities. Of course, this was not the first time Siam University had signed MOU with top Asian Universities. However, the purpose of this one is unique.

The rationale behind this MOU was to develop a sustainable academic cooperation and educational collaboration amongst these universities who are signatories to this memorandum. This collaboration would be channeled towards promotion of uniformity in higher education irrespective of culture.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by these Universities will give them increased opportunity for collaboration and cooperation among themselves. This move made by these top Asian Universities was very necessary as efforts towards achieving global education remained its targets in the 21st century. Global education emphasizes the unity and interdependence of human society and the need to appreciate cultural diversity.

Education should be restructured in a manner as to address things affecting us locally, as well as globally. It constitutes a way of changing concepts and restructuring pessimistic ideologies. For such restructuring, basic education should not be swept under subjective ideologies. It should maintain objective standards in a global system, while at the same time considering all possible perspectives and angles.

Collaboration and sharing of ideas and educational resources amongst these Universities would lead to more globalized educational ideals and adoption of standard education within the system. Their efforts would not only encourage their institutions to strengthen their education system, it would also tend to open its system to accept more global educational ideals.

The various administrators of the four Universities were delighted at this new found understanding exhibited by their respective institutions through memorandum. Thus, there will be no doubt that positive effects of this understanding will soon be felt in their institutions as they brace up for the challenges of this renewed collaboration.

Siam University President and the administrators of other Universities who were co-signatories had a special dinner to commemorate this occasion. They further thanked each other for making the memorandum a reality.

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