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IOS Application for Nurses in Thailand


In the age of the digital hermit, Technology has been taken into a different level.

On the 21st of October 2015, Siam University signed MOU with the Nurses Association of Thailand on the new pattern and drastic technological system of learning in the education sector. This concrete treaty will avail all the nurses in Thailand the golden opportunity to communicate more effectively in English Language and prepare them for the ASEAN Integration.

Thailand is one of the fastest developing countries in the world today. The educational system in Thailand has been trailing in a series of auspicious developments in recent times. It has also been re-structured to challenging innovations that will spur creativity and accelerate a more genuine way of easy learning.

Siam University is fully involved in the adjustment of the education system and has coordinated a team to create a Mobile Application for the nurses in Thailand. Presidents, dignitaries and distinguished students gathered together to witness the recent development in the creation of the Mobile Application on the day Siam University signed an MOU with the Nurses Association of Thailand.

The President of Siam University Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit made the procession followed by the President of Nurses Association of Thailand.

The President of Nurses Association of Thailand delivered a brief insight regarding the advancement of technology and togetherness of the involved team to ensure proper strategic performances. “This is an incredible moment for us to witness the movements of our profession. “This development is the first of its kind, and I have to be honest with you, I never thought of this initiative and I thank the great team effort of the Department of Information Technology Siam University. “All that is needed is to improve nurses’ communication skills.” In the same vein, she continued, “I recommend all the nurses in Thailand to use this application as a new light to their academic success and give us feedback to make further readjustments and development.”

The President of Siam University equally made remarks on the benefits now bestowed on all the nurses in Thailand. He also ventured that this Mobile Application will serve as a gateway to improve English proficiency of over 100,000 professional nurses in the Kingdom by the virtue of Information System Technology. In further utterances, he gestured on the need for all nurses in Thailand to judiciously utilize this opportunity to improve their English skills in attending foreign patients in the near future.

Md. Jahidul Islam (Jim) was the creator of IOS application software and he elaborately described the benefits of using application software for Healthcare Industry in Thailand. Moreover, after downloading from iTunes store, it will automatically run in your mobile phone without Internet or any other network support.

The second session of the conference was the group photo of the partnered team and awards presentation.



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