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Ministry of Education Nepal



On 27th November, 2014 a delegation from the higher education division, Ministry of Education Nepal visited Siam University, Bangkok. The visit from the delegation was significant in that it strengthened the educational tie and fostered cooperation between two nations.

From left to right, Dr Sumrit Tiandum, Dean, Siam University; Mr Keshav Adhikari, Chief of higher education, Ministry of Education; Mr Bishnu Raj Adhikari, Principal, Kathmandu College of Management; Prof. Pornchai Mong Khonvanit; President, Siam University ; Dr Shri Krishna Yadav, Academician; Mr Laxmi Kumar Khadka, Under Secretary, Ministry of Education and Prof Dr Dhiryos Wititsuwannakul, Assistant President of Research, Siam University.

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